Thursday, February 21, 2008

Parents' Universal Resource Experts: Anxious, Depressed Teens

Leave Me Alone!

We all know teenagers can be moody, impulsive and irritable – but how can parents tell if the tears will go away or if they’re a sign of something more? When your teen slams the door and shouts “Leave me alone!” – should you? Will your child be safe? Or are there signs of depression, anxiety, even suicidal thoughts?

Every parent needs to know the warning signs – when life feels too heavy or too scary for your son or daughter to handle alone. Every parent needs to know what treatments are available and what works with kids.

Every parent needs to watch Leave Me Alone!

You’ll hear actual teenagers talk about their struggles, giving you insight into what your own child may be feeling.

You’ll learn practical parenting advice from child experts about what you can do to help your teen face the fears and alleviate the pain.

And you’ll hear the inspiration and hope of families whose children are living happier, healthier lives.