Monday, March 23, 2009

Sue Scheff: Teen Runaways

Teen Runaways are on the increase. Many teens think that the grass is greener on the other side.

They are confused and following the crowd of peers making poor choices. Teens want to escape the "rules of a household" and we as parents, become their number one enemy. They feel that they are fearless and can prove they can survive without their parents and our rules. Rules are put in place for a reason; we love our children and want them to grow up with dignity and respect we try to instill in them. Their flight plan, in some ways, is a cry for attention. Many times runaways are back home shortly, however there are other situations that can be more serious. This is not to say any child that runs away is not serious, but when this becomes a habit and is their way of rebelling, a parent needs to intervene.

So many times we hear how "their friend’s parents" allow a much later curfew or are more lenient, and you are the worst parents in the world. This is very common and the parent feels helpless, hopeless and alone. It is all part of the manipulation the teens put us through. With their unappreciative thoughts of us, they will turn to this destructive behavior, which, at times, results in them leaving the home.
Some teens go to a friend's house or relative they believe they can trust and make up stories about their home life. This is very common, a parent has to suffer the pain and humiliation that it causes to compound it with the need to get your child help that they need. If you fear your child is at risk of running, the lines of communication have to be open. We understand this can be difficult, however if possible needs to be approached in a positive manner. Teen help starts with communication.
If you feel this has escalated to where you cannot control them, it may be time for placement and possibly having your child escorted. Please know that the escorts (transports) are all licensed and very well trained in removing children from their home into safe programs. These escorts are also trained counselors that will talk to your child all the way, and your child will end his/her trip with a new friend and a better understanding of why their parents had to resort to this measure.
Helpful Hint if you child has runaway and you are using all your local resources – offer a cash reward to their friends privately, of course promising their anonymity and hopefully someone will know your child’s whereabouts.
Having a teen runaway is very frightening and it can bring you to your wits end. Try to remain positive and hopeful and do all you can to help understand why your child is acting out this way. These are times when parents need to seek help for themselves. Don’t be ashamed to reach out to others. We are all about parents helping parents.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sue Scheff: Right Directions Help Find Runaways

Right Direction Crisis Intervention's staff is a diverse group of individuals both in their education as well as their life experiences. Many of our Mediators and Interventionist's have degrees in social work, sociology, criminal justice and other related fields. Some of our mediators have graduate degrees as well. More importantly many of them have personal experience concerning at-risk youths and adults.

Some of them have successfully attended a therapeutic program or school. In the case of our adult services our Interventionists have direct personal experience with recovery. Our overall staff experience includes over three thousands families served from all over the world.
Many of our staff are parents themselves and have worked with adolescents and adults in a variety of other environments and settings such as coaching, teaching, counseling and supervising.

Our Vice-President Larry Spain oversees our runaway location service. We offer free consultations and depending on your situation we have several levels of services to help provide the information and logistics so necessary to locate adolescent runaways. Please submit the email form to the left or call our adolescent toll free hotline for a free consultation and estimate of services.